Supply Chain Project Development

Developing new supply chains has been at the heart of our work since the 1970''s. We''ve worked with both private sector, governments, and international development organizations such as the IMF to help generate new ideas when it comes to balancing biomass supply with long-term goals to ensure sustainable forestry.

With significant growth in demand expected for solid biomass fuels over the coming decades, and our strategic position at the heart of one of the strongest demand centers in Europe, we can offer a great deal as a potential partner. Our technical capabilities will ensure your goals in running a tight supply chain will be well-founded, and thus enhance the potential for any project looking to raise capital or secure an off-take customer. We''ve designed and constructed value chains under our ownership, and partnered with others looking to do the same. As such, developers or financial intermediaries who are looking to generate value from any particular fibre basket resource are encouraged to contact us.