Reference Projects & Presentations

Our group have initiated and supported numerous business development projects in the areas of biomass fuels production, logistics, and combustion with the aim of promoting the availability of these fuels to help their transition from a niche product to a widely-used commodity in an increasingly transparent sector. Examples of fuels projects and advisory work include the following:

Fuels projects 

  • Technical due diligence of a wood pellets plant for a potential investor (North America)

  • Design of 100,000 ton per year wood pellets plant for new entrant looking to vertically-integrate (Scandinavia)

  • Development of procurement strategies for large scale users of biomass for energy (3 cases in Scandinavia)

  • Conversion of front end of 4 x 500MWe coal-fired power plant to integrate feed of biofuels for co-firing with coal (UK)

  • Conversion of industrial manufacturing facility into a 50,000 ton per year wood pellets production facility (Baltic region)

  • Evaluation, design and business development activities for the construction of 500,000 ton per year pellet facility based on unique wood fiber basket (North America)


Flame from pellet burner


Retrofit projects 

  • 2 x 12MW Industrial cogeneration plant (Scandinavia)

  • 2 x 20MW Industrial cogeneration plant (Scandinavia)

  • 4 x 35MW Municipal District Heating plant (Scandinavia)

  • 2 x 2 x 20MW Municipal District Heating plant (Scandinavia)


Advisory work and presentations

  • Presentation to the Biomass Trade and Power conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2010 regarding Swedish Bio-energy 

    Download here »

  • Presentation to the Conference Clean Vehicles and Fuels in Stockholm, Sweden 2009 regarding International Bio-energy Trade  

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  • Presentation to the Biomass conference in St. Petersburg, Russia 2008 regarding Bioenergy and economic development

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  • Presentation to the Canbio seminar in Vancouver, Canada regarding the European markets for biomass fuels 

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