Biomass Port Terminal - Stockholm Bulk Harbour

Stockholm Bulk Harbour Ltd brings the world of bulk trade to the doorstep of the Stockholm area. It is strategically-located adjacent to Sweden''s largest urban and industrial area, which is home to a core of heat and power installations which burn various forms of solid biomass.

The site was originally one of Sweden's major cement manufacturing complexes . Its operations were closed down some thirty  years ago and the facilities were eventually acquired by our group in 2002.

Since that time,  substantial investment has gone down in refurbishing the site to support the needs of a growing biomass fuel trade in Sweden. Investments include refurbishment of the quay and building new handling areas, as well as improving warehousing installations to accommodate indoor storage of moisture sensitive bulk goods.

The port today handles and transports some 200,000 tons of solid biomass fuels annually as well as other bulk goods and project cargo - primarily imports to some of the region''s largest industrial customers in the Stockholm region.